Nov. 2018
Binnenhof, The Hague (NL)

In the framework of the program Learning by Teachingat the INSIDE Master of Interior Architecture, students formulate a research question related to their graduation theme, and they are given the task of defining and organizing their own workshop.

organizing a workshop with --
Jack Bardwell


The Impossible Object is a challenge workshop about exploring the possibilities in the public space, discovering the hidden rules in space. We concluded 2 approaches to practice interventions in public space, which is Direct action and System use. Direct action originated as a political activist term for economical and political acts in which the actors use their power to directly reach certain goals of interest. By contrast, the actions that appeal to authorities, we use the term ‘system use’ in this workshop.

Direct action

System use


We divided the participants into 2 teams, Direct action and System use. Both teams are designated certain goals. In the time frame, they need to discuss possible plans of action and sketch out strategy or design, and most importantly, to execute the ideas in the chosen location.

When the time is up the participants must present their strategy, showing how close they got and what happened along the way. The winner is judged by us as the closest to the target and the most ingenious proposal.

Location - Biennehof

the most secure “public” location in the Hague