Theatre of Flows

time | sep. - oct. 2019

location | Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Taipei
                (affiliated with the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan)

team | raumlabor berlin
format | performative installation
role | researcher & modeller

Theatre of Flows is a Project by raumlaborberlin with double-grass, produced by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab) with the support of Goethe-Institut Taipei and Arts Facilities Management Center, Taoyuan

©Tara Kan
© Tara Kan


The concept of the Theatre of Flow is to obtain the knowledge of the interconnecting flows of global effects with the local culture. Speaking of “flows”, the urbanists describe everything that’s coming and going into the city leaving a trace in space ­– containing not only resources such as energy, material, water, waste, food, but also social interaction, knowledge, and culture.

In this project, based on the context of an island country, Taiwan, we aim to gather manifold information on the connections between the parameters mentioned above and their interconnectivity, and then visualize and translate this pool of information into an interactive research installation.

During the research process, we selected three sites to collect data and local knowledge: the fishing harbors in Keelung, the shallow water breeding grounds in Yunlin and the 2851 ponds of an irrigation system in Taoyuan. All of them have undergone a drastic transformation in the past years. We worked with local experts and residents to see to what extent the globalization phenomenon determines the local environment and how the locals find their specific ways to protect themselves or to integrate these challenges into their daily routines.

© Tara Kan

© Tara Kan

Parcours Journey

Theatre of Flows is staging a journey to the real world - an independent island surrounded by inevitable global dynamics.

Experts and performers led the visitors on a seducing Parcours through a series of thematically arranged spaces. These spaces appeared as editing rooms featuring videos, photos, installations and other findings of a quotidian life full of paradox and the confusing reality of their origins, circumstances, and consequences.

Taoyuan 桃 園

The city of 2851 ponds

© tycgnews

Pond system Installation

The installation is the model of the canal and pond system of Taoyuan,
made by approximately 2851 unused rice plates used for growing rice seedlings .

Special thanks to the support of students from National Taipei University of Technology

© Tara Kan

© Tara Kan

© Tara Kan

© Tara Kan

© Tara Kan

Oyster Cracking Workshop 

a stage within the parcours

© Tara Kan

© Tara Kan

© Benoit Verjat

Field Research Footages

Insights from our research trip
filmed by digital documentation artist | ©Benoit Verjat

Oyster Farming | Yunlin

Irrigation ponds & Aaquaponic pounds | Taoyuan

Night Fishing | Keelung 

Fishing Net Story | Keelung

photo credit |  Double-Grass Team