New Escher Museum

in Breuer’s Embassy Building

Nov 2016 - Feb 2017
Former American Embassy, Den Haag

guided by --
Mark Veldman (OMA)


The American Embassy in The Hague, designed by Marcel Breuer in the late 50s, is no longer viable for security reasons an will be decommissioned soon. Therefore, the building will become available for redevelopment.

The director of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (Benno Tempel) came up with a proposal to house their collection of the famous artist M.C. Escher, as the reuse of the building.


Explore Intense experience with M.C.Escher artwork in Breuer’s building in terms of visitor’s experience with functional and artistic values

Nowadays, there are a lot of challenges as museum’s role in relationship between art(ist) and visitors. Rather than just displaying artwork, museum operated in more active and attractive way as like artist talk, workshop and another events. Moreover, curator suggests the other types of relevant art to understand artist in diverse way. Obviously, M.C.Escher’s work can be re-presented in spatial way, referring to his optical illusion with geometry and principal of infinity on his works.

Especially in Breuer’s embassy building which has strong expressive form, it can be connected with Escher’s art. The new M.C.Escher’s museum will provide visitors not only his paintings but also intense spatial experience in Breuers’ expressive architecture to give a fully-rich experience to visitors and more active relationship with artist. And for sure, it will be attractive to visitors.

between Escher & Breuer

M.C.Escher’s Tessellation Art

Breuer’s Trapezoid

The Extension - The Atrium

Articulation of the space