Fort Noorddijk

Nov. 2016
Hellevoetsluis (NL)

guided by --
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius | Raumlabor

Client --
Heritage Foundation &
Landscape Foundation of
the Province of South-Holland, Delft


conceptualize proposals for the readaptation of Fort Noorddijk

The Fort

Formally a part of the historical Dutch Water Defense Line within The Netherlands, which developed in 19th century and was based on using water as a way to hinder the enemy to occupy the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This small Fort is now home to a flock of sheep, a large variety of birds, and most importantly bats that live within the bunker during winter.

scale model
scale model

Bat Museum Concept

Since the fortress is a bat hibernation site, it's beneficial for local people to have better understandings of bats and also help to preserve them. Museum can be the place both entertaining and informative. Therefore, developing a museum on the fortress site is a good way to bring alive this empty fortress and also enhance local community cohesion.


The Bat Museum with its own symbol on Google Maps